Regarding developers who have published 3D mobile games using version 3.5, which performs better: C# or GDScript?

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After reading numerous posts and reviews, it seems that if I aim to support low-end mobile devices for 3D gaming, I should use Godot version 3.5. However, I’m now at a crossroads in deciding which programming language to choose. I’m looking for a language that not only offers good performance but also facilitates easy integration with third-party advertising networks and websocket connections.

I would appreciate insights based on your experience (rather than theoretical speculations). If I’m using Godot 3.5 and aim to deploy a 3D game on low-spec mobile devices, which would be the better option: C# or GDScript?

Thank you in advance for your advice

As far as I understand, GDScript is faster when using Godots API.

As a language in itself, C# is faster.