Reuse external inspector UI for property (e.g. CurveEdit)

Godot Version



Hi, I’m currently writing a small inspector plugin to edit a deeply nested Resource. One of nested Resources has a Curve member and I want to be able to edit it through CurveEdit but I can’t figure out how to insert that control into mine as GDScript LSP says the type doesn’t exist.

I don’t want to just append it to the inspector as it should be followed by other nested controls.

Seems like Inspector plugin that reuses the “@export Node” prompt? already contains information on this.

I’m not too happy with having to re-create such a complicated control given that all I want to achieve is configurable drop distributions for objects in my game, but I guess there’s no better way so I’m going with that.

If someone knows of a better approach, I’d be very grateful if they let me know.