RigidBody2D floating when tiles are deleted form tilemap

Godot Version



I am having issues with physics when I delete a tile (from a tilemap) at runtime. In my project I have a RigidBody2D that is resting on top of a tile that has collisions, which is what I want. However, when I delete the tile below the rigid body during runtime the body remains floating and does not fall. I should note that it could be that I just don’t know how rigid bodies work. My RigidBody2D does not really have any code because I found when I ran my project gravity seemed to work fine, the issue just occurs when I delete tiles.

It turns out I am dumb! If anyone else is also dumb and gets the issue I was able to solve it by making the rigid bodies in question unable to sleep (by toggling the can sleep setting in the editor). The rigid bodies for me had just been sleeping when they landed for some reason idk I’m new but turning of this setting fixed it.