RigidBody3D does not follow Joint3D

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Hi Godot community! I want to know if it’s possible to move a Joint3D and have an attached RigidBody3D follow? In essence, I have a RigidBody3D connected to an AnimatableBody3D via a PinJoint3D. All are children of a CharacterBody3D that I move around using the standard Character3D basic movement template. When I move the CharacterBody3D at runtime, the AnimatableBody3D and the PinJoint3D follow along, but the RigidBody does not. It wobbles as you would expect, but it stays in the same position. If I understand correctly, this is because RigidBody3D objects can only be moved by the physics engine, not directly through code. Or am I doing something wrong? I was hoping to use a technique like this to dynamically animate objects such as hair, clothes, etc. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!