Scalable Platformer Template - Making game-making easier and faster!

Hi all! I just wanted to quickly share this template I’ve been designing for Godot 4, inspired by level editors such as Mario Maker.

There are some 2D platformer demos and templates on Godot Asset Library, but I wanted to make something that could be used by someone with little coding experience to create a game, as well as something that makes use of the improved Godot 4 tilemap to easily and quickly create levels. I’ve also created classes that could easily be extended.

I currently have implemented -

  • A base actor scene for player and enemies
  • A player with Coyote Time
  • An enemy scene that can be extended
  • A “crawler” enemy that can be jumped on and destroyed
  • “Death” zones that kill the player if they enter, such as pits
  • A very basic checkpoint system
  • A level exit

I’m not super happy with the structure of my project, there are some elements that I think could be better, but if anyone wants to have a look at it, you can do so here,.

My next goal is to create a basic menu and complete the level transition system so it can go from one level to another. I then plan on uploading it to the Godot Asset library before I begin to add more enemies or more features to the player. If anyone wants to try it out now or share any feedback, I’d love to see it!


Update: I’ve submitted this to the asset library today! If anyone would like to try it out and share feedback, I’d love to hear anyway I could improve it!