'self.has_method("Use")' returns true but 'self.Use' Throws an error

Hello everyone,

I’m making a modular weapon system and I’m trying to let every weapon inherit the same functions using a custom class. However, when I try to reference a method on the child it gives an error even though self.has_method("Use") returns true

func On_Use():
	if self.Equipped and self.has_method("Use"):
		print(self.Use()) <-- This throws an error

The error in question:

Function "Use()" not found in base self

lmk if you need more info, Thanks :melting_face:

Is the weapon script extending from the base class?

his code looks like here Unable to reference the "root" on the super super class function he post few days ago

i believe the Use method is on the extended class script? if that’s the case, try super.Use()

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