Show nodes outside ScrollContainer in 2D editor

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Godot Engine v4.2.stable.flathub.46dc27791


I want to create a scrollable menu where I can place buttons freely. I am using a ScrollContainer that takes up the entire window along with it’s child, a control node that has a minimum size bigger than the window. Thus I can place buttons outside the window and then have the user scroll them into view. Everything works as expected except for one problem. When building the menu in the 2D editor, the buttons (or any other nodes) are not visible outside the the ScrollContainer. Not being able to see the menu I am designing is extremely inconvenient. Is there any simple way to change this behavior and make the nodes visible in the 2D editor?

Here is a screenshot of a minimal configuration illustrating the problem:

As you can see, the button is only visible where it is inside the ScrollContainer.

Uncheck Layout->Clip Contents (clip_contents property).
This should do it.

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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!

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