Showing thumbnails in FileDialog

Godot Version



Hey everyone. This may be a dumb question, but I feel like I’m overlooking something. I’m creating an editor plugin to help with the creation of items for a game. I want to create a FileDialog that will let you select a sprite from the resources, which I have working. The issue is, I want the FileDialog to also show the thumbnail of the sprites in the window. It seems Godot has this functionality as it’s used in the editor. I came across EditorFileDialog, but it doesn’t appear in the node list and when I try to programmatically create one, I can’t get it to actually display.

Here’s a picture of the current FileDialog, and a picture of a window from Godot to show the difference.

Is there a setting in FileDialog that I’m missing, or do I have to use EditorFileDialog? And if it’s the latter, how do I go about creating it?

Grid thumbnails, favorites and recent are specific to the EditorFileDialog as explained in the documentation:

EditorFileDialog is an enhanced version of FileDialog available only to editor plugins. Additional features include list of favorited/recent files and the ability to see files as thumbnails grid instead of list.

It should be possible to manually implement it but it’s not something built-in in the FileDialog node.