Signal doesn't work. Not code mistake!

Godot Version



Signal does not work.

func _on_spawn_timeout():
	if not started:
		started = true
	print("1 second passed")

#timer is oneshot and autostart, wait time is 1 second
#Previous signal also was not working, but i replaced it with this signal, still does not working.
#When I played player scene(not level) it worked

Reimporting player to level helped

*there was link, but no need for link now

Honestly, your question is too vague. Please help us to help you.

  1. Use the code formatting tag </>
  2. Provide context. Errors, screenies of your scene tree and so on. Like, what nodes are you using? What signals are you trying? How are you connecting them?
  3. If you can, a small project to isolate the issue so it’s easier to spot.
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Here is link to project file(in Question)

Okay, have looked at it. Something really weird is going on. I deleted the player node and then re-added it and then the game runs. No other changes. Try that.

(Probably something screwy in the tscn file.)

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Really strange, but it worked. Thanks!

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Great! Good luck with your game. I dig the little characters.