[SOLVED] Why are some of my script icons and file names different in thew editor?

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Heya. Ive been going through some tutorials and notice that some of my scripts have different icons and extensions. Ususally my 3rd and on script I create, or if I delete a cript and make a new one for the same node.

My normal scripts have a filled gear icon and an extension like: “res://scenes/levels/level.gd”

And my different ones have an outline gear icon and an extension like: “res://scenes/mobs/drone.tscn::GDScript_yicpf”

Everything seems to work fine but I want to know whats going on and why this happens, I have tried to look for previous threads but no luck. See attacthed pic and thanks for any help!

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SOLVED: Im an idiot, when you make a new script there is an option for “built in script” I must have checked on accident. Fix by unchecking that box

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