Sound Stoopid Noob Question?

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Hi all,

Really noob question here about sound! I have a AudioStreamPlayer that has a sound in it. The problem is every time a run the game this particular sound wants to run itself and I can’t see how to stop it!

I thought it would be the autoplay being on by default but it was not on. So this has me stumped :thinking:. How do I stop it? Do I need some code in gdscript to stop it or is it something more simple that I have overlooked? Never happened before.

As always thankyou in advance.


Is there any reason it would play? Does a script ever play the sound?

The script does play it, correctly, when the “hero” enters and exits a specific Area2D, but, never before that.

So, I am trying to stop it on running the as soon as the game starts up!

Is it possible that something enters the Area2D at the start of the game?

Good question!

I don’t think so! There are no other bodies that are entering the water unless …

I’ll have to get back to you on that. There may be a collider in the Area2D collision area causing the sound to play or something else in the scene.

Never would’ve thought about that myself. Can’t check it now unfortunately been at this for over 5 hours - need some sleep!

If that is the reason here is a big thankyou in advance.


Found a quick way to do it and that indeed was the problem! I never would have thought of that. Now the sound is playing as expected. That might also be the cause of another problem - so a huge thankyou now!

Good thinking 99 :sunglasses:.


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