Spawn multiple turrets along the top of screen

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


So I am running into a bit of an issue here spawn multiple RayCast2D Turrets along the very top of the level scene. I currently have a Path2D and PathFollow2D nodes in the level scene, running along the very top edge of the level, running from 0 to the width of the room.

I’m currently following the Code Your First Complete 2D Game with Godot tutorial. I would like to spawn turrets randomly but not using a timer, rather through a bit of math. Basically if the randomly chosen value is between -1 and 100 and rounded down to zero, spawn the turret

I have some GML (version 8.1) that I’m trying to implement in GDScript but I am unsure on how to translate it.

GML Code:

if (floor(random(100-1))=0)

I dont fully understand what you mean by

randomly chosen value is between -1 and 100 and rounded down to zero,

but I assume what you are trying to do is spawn a turret when the random float number between 0.0 and 100.0 is less than 1.0 (rounds down to 0).
The Godot code for that would look like this:

@onready var rng =
func maybe_spawn_turret():
 if rng.randf_range(0.0, 100.0) < 1.0:
  var instance = obj_turret.instance()
  instance.position = Vector2(x, y)

Good luck!

Thank you! I messed around with the code a bit and I was able to get the turrets to spawn. I did however end up having to use a timer, because the turrertspawner function only ran once :sweat_smile:

here is the code that works

func _TurretSpawner():
	if rng.randf_range(0.0, 50.0) < 1.0:
		var turret_spawn_pt = $Path2D/PathFollow2D
		turret_spawn_pt.progress_ratio = randf()
		var turret = turret_scene.instantiate()
		turret.position = turret_spawn_pt.position
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