Splash screen always show icon when exported to android, godot 4.3.beta

Godot Version

Godot 4.3.beta


Splash screen always show icon when exported to android.
Has anyone encountered this problem? How to solve it?

It might be worth checking the Godot Github to see if anyone’s made a bug report. Often weird things like this are reported and you can at least know it’s not worth your time trying to fix it for now. The chances you encounter a niche bug and someone knows about it here are very slim.

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Godot 4.3 is not stable so I recommend you to use Godot 4.2

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You need to manually change the Android Studio Project.
If you install the android templates to make a Graddle build then you can open the Android studio project on the “res://Android/build” folder.
With Android studio you can customize the Splash. This is literally Android Studio Project setup.

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