Sprite 2d dont folllow path2d

func move():
if currentpos + step >= 36:
currentpos += step
var targetpos = $NavigationAgent2D/Path2D.get_curve().get_point_position(36)
var tween = create_tween()
tween.tween_property(sprite_2d, “position”,targetpos , speed)
print (“currentpos”,currentpos,“step”,step)

	currentpos += step
	var targetpos = $NavigationAgent2D/Path2D.get_curve().get_point_position(currentpos)
	var tween = create_tween()
	tween.tween_property(sprite_2d, "position",targetpos , speed)
	print ("currentpos",currentpos,"step",step,tween)

sprite_2d always go outside the windows area even tough it have the correct coordinate

Seems complicated, I believe you want to change the PathFollow2D’s progress property rather than the character’s position.

Why is there a NavigationAgent2D?

the code that i use as tutorial had that and i dont find tutorial using progress that tell me how to use it like i wanted to using undetermined range

The docs define progress as

The distance along the path, in pixels. Changing this value sets this node’s position to a point within the path.

play around with it in the inspector, slide the progress number left and right and watch it change the position.

As for code changes I think this is what it would look like; I’ve removed the duplicated code between if statements. I think you wanted the sprite to not go over the path length, but that can be achieved by disabling loop on the PathFollow2D

@onready var path_follow: PathFollow2D = $NavigationAgent2D/Path2D/PathFollow2D
func move() -> void:
    var targetpos = path_follow.progress + step
    var tween = create_tween()
    tween.tween_property(path_follow, "progress", targetpos, speed)

I do not see how speed is defined but the tween’s fourth argument should be calculated as duration step / speed for consistent looking movement. Last thing is checkwin might want to wait for the tween to finish, you can use this line to do just that.

await tween.finished

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