SQL for safely saving data

fast and reliable SQL it has similar functionalities as normal SQL and also behaves similar

to use it, it uses completely different approach from all other SQLs

manual is on bottom of script

also you need another file NullList

I have translated this from c# in to GDScript it took me to translate my code 5 days

inside unity 3d SQLite needs 0.1s to store a single different byte on HDD
inside unity 3d this SQL needs 0.01s to store 1 byte different or same in both cases it’s same speed
inside GoDot with GDScript it needs 0.0003 seconds to write data on disk It has reached HDD limits

335 seconds for 1M different datas

probably if I’d save them not data by data but data as array would even be faster

because for 1M datas it needed to store .b file write to .backup write to attribute file and finally save to .b file that it was correctly written
all this steps takes 0.0003 seconds with GDScript

show case about NullList
it stores data and keeps nulls in place untill it get’s request to fulfill it it does not clear indexes inbetween

why is this good for multitable

if let say left row get’s deleted all references get’s jumpy and all references are wrongly linked

it can be used for games to store unique data ids and keep it’s id in place of array

it also stores nulls and fills gaps when needed

also after use data needs to be deallocated manually because I don’t know how to do that with script yet.

there are still some bugs by translating the code
need to test it more


Impressive work!

I suggest you put up a github and add it to godot plugins - it would make it easier for others to find :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey thanks

I was struggling with more translating almost forgot about this and wala:
today I went looking how to properly set up MIT licence and made a GIT

have fun using it

now just to add to godot plugins, … hmmm, …

ok done it

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