State of Skeleton2d in Godot (Bone/2d Rigging/Cutout Animations)

Hey Y’all,

I was looking into bone animation/2d rigging solutions for an upcoming hobby project, so far the census seems to be in favor of Spine but it also costs $369 which don’t get me wrong is wild for some hobby projects. They have an essentials version which while cheaper lacks a lot of the features which seems crucial and also feels like godot can already do the stuff for free that you get from their essential version. I also found dragonbones which seems discontinued and spriter pro. Spriter Pro creator has been saying the v2 is coming for like the last 5 years so idk about that also saw a few reviews saying the app stopped working altogether. Also, they usually come with a separate build of godot itself which I don’t like. Spine’s official solutions is they give you a custom build of godot itself which is a big iffy in my opinion but idk where the community stands on this take.

So that brings us to how far can you actually go with just godot’s Skeleton2d in v4?

Like I have tried some basic animations with it and it seems you have to do a lot of extra work but you can get the job done. But this topic also lacks in terms of content out there it seems like the godot community as a whole don’t focus on Bone/2d Rigging/Cutout Animations much or at least doesn’t seem too vocal about it.

If you have done some animations in the past or present with the Skeleton2d I would love to hear your feedback on it and also if you could share some screen grabs would love to see those,

or if you are using another tool instead of the built-in Skeleton2d (paid or free) which one are you using?