Subdividing in Blender breaks Softbody3D meshes

Godot Version

Godot Verson 4.2.1


Hello guys,

I have wasted several hours trying to figure out this issue.

Here’s the setup. Importing a mesh from Blender, the default cube. Place it as a mesh for a Softbody3D into Godot, works great, the mesh renders and everything. I can go back to the cube, and subdivide a face on the cube and it will re-import and work fine, with more vertices this time.

BUT, if I use more than one subdivision (as in more than 1 cut in the menu, or by subdividing twice in a row) then the mesh disappears at runtime in Godot. It will show up in the editor window and look normal but nothing is there at runtime.

There are no warnings or errors shown either. Simulation precision is at 100. The other models in my game show up fine, but it seems something about subdividing more than once is breaking the Softbody mesh. Also, this happens if I do too many knife cuts. It also occurs if I subdivide one face of the cube only, or subdivide a plane. A more complicated model works fine too as long as it is not subdivided.

Has anyone run into something like this before? Thanks!

Godot Verson 4.2.1

Blender Version 4.0.1