Tabs appearing over the top of the tab panel



I have a menu with tabs in my game, and everything looked good and was working fine. This morning I noticed that the tabs are being drawn over the top of the tab panel and they shouldn’t be. I know it was being drawn properly before, but honestly I don’t know when it broke. It’s possible it’s been doing this a while and I just didn’t notice.

Nothing I can do will get the tabs to align to the tab panel. No matter what I try, they are drawn above the panel. Even when it looks aligned in the editor, when I run the game they are above the panel.

The odd thing is, if I toggle a setting on the TabContainer in the editor, the tabs pop back into place where they should be, but running the game will show them above the panel again.

While testing, I noticed that if I open my project in an older version of Godot, Version 4.0, the tabs are drawn as they should be and there is no problem at all. But opening it in 4.2 makes the tabs appear above the window.