The mobile becoming server in local multiplayer games is a Chaos

Godot 4

I have been making a local multiplayer game but the connection doesn’t work when mobile is the server, it works when I use mobile/pc as client and pc as server but when the mobile try to be a server it just chaos.
(I Actually dont know the problem)
Maybe I know the problem but cant actually find solution anywhere, See when I try to host a server in mobile the ip which shows in mobile is IPV6 and the ip showed by pc is IPV4(It Shows because i added a label to show the IP) but when I tried to join with both ips(IPV4 and 6) the client can’t find the server on that ip(when mobile is server).
For your information I have already turned on the necessary export settings + I tried joining with other phone with same IPV6 it just don’t work(when mobile is server).
What can be the actual problem or the right solution?

Mobile networks (3G/4G/5G) almost never give their users a publicly addressable IP address, so hosting the server directly from a mobile device is a bad idea unless this is only for LAN multiplayer. This is due to the use of CGNAT (carrier-grade NAT), which is also increasingly being used by residential ISPs for IPv4.

Even the IPv6 on mobile networks isn’t always publicly addressable, and IPv6 in mobile networks isn’t that widespread yet in most countries.

Instead, you need to host servers on a dedicated server and let mobile devices connect to them (they’ll all be clients).

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