Third Person Controller with Joystick

3rd Person camera control with Joystick

Hello, I recently searched for a tutorial to implement the movement of a camera3D in third person in C# with the right joystick of a controller, but I didn’t find what I wanted or something easy.


So here’s what I made:

Where the look actions are the direction inputs of the right joystick.
The camera only moves if the length of the input is higher than the joystickDeadZone (personally I set it at 0.2f). Then you rotate the player, the cameraMount, the meshRoot using the axis_vector multiplied by JoystickSensVert/Horz (personally i set both to 1.5f); and in the end Clamp the rotation on the Y axis, so the cameraMount, to avoid the effect of going above and below the player.


  • Player
    • CollisionShape3d
  • MeshRoot
    • Mesh
  • CameraMount
    • SpringArm3d
      • Camera3d


This is what i got:


I also suggest watching the tutorial by Lukky, it’s helped me a lot: