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First off, I’m very new to Godot, I’m learning the ropes.

So I have a CharacterBody2D Node (Player) and a CollisionShape2D inside of it. I have it walking around a TileMap. My TileMap has 2 Physic layers, one with a layer and mask to 1, and the other has layer and mask set to 2. In my Player Node I also set up a Area2D with it’s own CollisionShape2D. This Area2D has a signal setup to tell me when it hits a body, specifically the TileMap. I want it to act like a trigger to when it collides with the TileMap.

This all works fine, but my problem is now trying to get more info from the body of the collision/signal. Specifically I want to get the TileSet’s Physics layer from the Area2D. How can the Area2D tell me which TileSet physics layer it collided with?

I don’t think it can.

Just testing if this is an XY problem, what are you trying to solve?

Otherwise a workaround is to duplicate the areas and have the first area collision mask set to 1 and the second area’s collision mask set to 2. Distinguish between them by connecting different signal handlers or binding an argument of the layer it represents to the signal handler.

I am not sure if this is the correct answer but you may want to look at this function:

int get_layer_for_body_rid(body: RID)

Returns the tilemap layer of the tile for given physics body RID. Such RID can be retrieved from KinematicCollision2D.get_collider_rid(), when colliding with a tile.

It would be something similar to this:

var layer= tilemap.get_layer_for_body_rid(collision_node.get_collider_rid())

If you also need to retrieve the tile, you may want to do something like this:

var coords = tilemap.local_to_map(collision_node.position)
var tile = get_cell_alternative_tile(layer_id,coords)
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