Toadally Lit VR Beta Demo - 1st VR & Godot Game

I’m nearing completion of development of my first VR game & first game in Godot Engine. I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback & some negative of course. I’d love to hear some feedback from the Godot community about it. It may not be your type of game due to the content being about cannabis. If it’s not, I’d still love to hear your comments about gameplay.

I have a 1 round WebXR version available on my website. Check it out in your headsets browser & let me know what you think. It’s a beta demo right now, so of course there are still some bugs… but I’m not aware of any game breaking bugs. I should hopefully have an updated version that fixes some bugs I’ve been notified about coming shortly.

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Awesome work! :laughing:

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Thanks man! I appreciate it!

Happy to support a fellow game developer. :smile: