Trouble on installing godot


I have downloaded the latest version of Godot for the first time but there isn’t any installer file.
My version of Windows is 10.

What can I do?
Should I download it from a specific place?


Godot is a portable executable. Just download and run; that’s all.

Make sure to get Godot from the official website at

But when I run it a window with abnormal size and shape opens.

i see you are trying 4.2.1
if you try 4.1.1 or something and still got the same issues then probably a bug someone also experienced How to fix the problem of windows content not displaying correctly in the Godot editor itself?

I’m pretty sure this is how it looks.


But how is it possible to have a game engine with just 14 MB?
Is this a web-based engine that is hosted by the installer version?

where did you get the godot engine with just 14mb executable file? mine is 103mb, not including with the console one

Sorry for the mistake. I have two versions 4 and 3.
4 is about 55 mg and 3 is about 36.

I downloaded them from the Godot site.

Unfortunately, the forum doesn’t let me upload the other image.

the file inside is 103 mb right for 4.2.1 stable? that’s what i have right now

oh wait, it’s “mono”, it’s c# included godot 4.2.1 then, probably just another godot c# related bug. gdscript one i tried opening it and got no issues

Here is the GDscript version:

It is 46 mb

yes the basic gdscript is smaller, but what it really matters is extract it first then just run, see if any weird happen there

What I expect to see is:

But when I open the Godot I see a poor interface.

Why? What should I do?

Does it have a web version?

That’s how it should look. That’s the Project manager. You have to create a project there to continue.

I made a project but still, the interface is very poor and not like the image on the site.
Do you think this is due to my graphic card?

I don’t fully understand what you mean with “interface is very poor”. Have you tried followed some beginners tutorial on YouTube and get a different result compared to that?

I mean, the interface does not have the beautiful and solid structure that I see in the picture

Can you send a screenshot of what the interface looks like to you?

When I want to create a new project in version 4, it doesn’t let me and says I should update OpenGL
on my graphics card. But here is an image from the previous version:

As you can see, the lines and writings are very thin and pale

I found a better version. But it’s older.