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Hello, I am trying to make a menu screen where inside a vboxcontainer, there are 4 labels, and I want to change the letter spacing of the label? How do I do that?

First, download a font and import it into the project. Go to the label you want, look for Theme Overrides, click on fonts from the options, and select DynamicFont. After that, click on DynamicFont again. Click on Font/Fontdata. Drag and drop Font. After this, go to Extra Spacing and look for Char. You can change this value to get the effect you want.

This is for Godot 3. Sorry, I just realized that they’ve changed this completely in Godot 4.

Actually I just now managed to do that. All I did was go to the Label, Theme Overrides, Fonts, Extra Spacing and change the Glyph. Either way if you know an alternative to this, I would highly appreciate it.


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