Use @export_group("Layout") without showing Control's Layout properties

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.stable


For my custom node, I want a set of properties I have to be listed under a group called “Layout”, but when I add @export_group(“Layout”) it populates my properties and every other property from the Control node’s layout properties.

I want the Control properties to remain under the Control category and keep a “Layout” Group for my Custom Control Node.

The docs say
" It is possible to group your exported properties inside the Inspector with the [@export_group] annotation. Every exported property after this annotation will be added to the group. Start a new group or use @export_group("") to break out."

Doing an empty @export_group("") doesn’t yield the result I’m after and neither does using the second prefix parameter in @export_group()

Could this be a bug or an intended behavior? Any help is appreciated

I found a hack where I place an empty space after the word:
@export_group("Layout ")

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the @export_group("") basically group anything under it to the uppermost’s non-grouped export variable

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