Visualize Node Positions in Editor?

[Godot 4.2]

In Unity, you can select a GameObject and have the editor display a little icon that visualizes its position:

I want to do that in Godot, but searching around has yielded nothing- how can I achieve this?

Run the game, go to the window where your nodes are, then click on Remote.

Thanks for commenting! That’s not what I’m talking about- I want a way to visualize a node’s position in the editor, not game mode

Not sure, but if you select a thing in the tree, then press “f” and it will focus on that object.


Thanks for responding!

Mainly, I just want to be able to see, at a glance, the positions of certain sets of Nodes when in the Editor, rather than trying to find where a specific one is

I just need little Editor icons or widgets or something that I can easily apply to any given Node. I’d prefer to not have to use an entirely new Node for that, either, as that would be too cumbersome

I guess I’m not sure what you mean. From my pov, you have the tree and the 2d/3d window. What do you wish to see?

My project is using 3d, so we’ll use that as the example

I look at the 3d window, and the tree is in the viewport. At the base of the tree, where its root (haha) Node is, there’s a little icon like a circle or a square of whatever color at the exact position where said Node is.

Basically just like the image I posted in the first post

I wanna see a representation of the node in the viewport’s space

I had a look. It seems there is no way to show the name or path of the selected thing in the 3d view. It’s a definite lack. If you don’t find an answer, consider opening a proposal on github for this.

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I’d had no luck either, in terms of something practical.

There’s the DebugDraw3D Addon, but that requires a script and I might need the script slot for another purpose.

I’ll see about finding or making a Proposal

Ah, here we are

There’s a Node type called Marker3D that exists as basically what I’m looking for- it displays a little axis at its position

It’s not exactly what I’m looking for, as it can be a bit hard to see, but it gets the job done

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