Visualizing signal connections made via code

Godot version



I’ve made two simple projects up to this point and one problem I noticed on both of them is that weeks later I can’t remember which node is connected to which which custom signals I made, and I use a singleton as event bus, so that might get even harder to read in projects where most signals are created and emitted from different places. This got me wondering: is there a built-in way to visualise the connected signals?

Granted, I could simply comment out after each custom signal which nodes connect to it, or maybe make a CSV file or anything like that, but I wanna make sure there isn’t a better way before doing that. Or maybe there’s different workflow.

I think except to see that the signal is connected through the inspector is not in the basic version. There might be a plugin, but I’m not sure. A good solution would be to make notes on a sheet or text document about how the code works :0