Voice-chat microphone audio crackle and stutter on Windows 11

Godot Version

4.2.1 but have also tested in 4.3

The Issue

Microphone / voice chat from Windows 11 machine (may not be specific to Windows 11) greatly stutters and lags.

Video of the Issue

What I’ve tried

Tested on Windows 10 machine with no issues. Tested on Windows 10 machine connecting to Windows 11 machine with audio from W11 → W10 stuttering but audio from W10 → W11 clear and working.

Tested in Godot 4.3 as there were some audio crackling fixes but this did not help.

Any thoughts on this issue greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever resolve this? This is one of the top results on Google and I’m really struggling with this problem.

Sorry to hear that. I hate it when you get stumped on something like this and there are no solutions to be found.

I guess you could say I resolved it in a manner of speaking. I switched to Linux. Specifically Zorin. After that my issues with my microphone went away.

This is not a real solution and I’d love to know exactly what was wrong. But there is no denying that Windows 11 had something to do with it. I did not have this issue on Windows 10, Ubuntu, or Zorin. Perhaps driver ↔ godot issue.

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