What ways are there to implement such a thing in godot 4

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Godot 4.2


What is the default tilemap (or what settings can be used) to achieve this effect and appearance. Or what ways are there to implement such a thing in godot 4?

several tutorials are linked on this page. Search: godot tilemap on YouTube and you will find many videos

This is not the case, this is not an ordinary tilemap, take a closer look at the photo, you made a mistake, I already know how to make an ordinary one. for a better understanding, I attach another screenshot so that the difference is better visible

Yes, if you look at the options in the editor, tile sizes and cell sizes don’t have to be the same. You should also look into alternative tiles.

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Thanks! You can tell me more about alternative tiles. I looked at godot now, but found that i can only set the tile size in TileSet, there is no such setting in tilemap, or I’m not looking there.

someone else might be interested in telling you more. you said you know about ordinary tile sets, on the documentation page, there is a section on alternative tile sets. that is how i learned.

others prefer YouTube, here are a couple more videos

Oh, sorry, I thought you were writing about alternative tilemaps (or rather, you meant them). I found the tile size setting in tilemap.

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