Where can I Master my knowledge of Godot And Gdscript

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


So I’ve been using Godot for a quite a good while and I’m starting to get the hang of it (as of right now I’m even working on my first game). But with my current skill level, I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve the amount of quality that I want and I DEFINENTLY won’t be able to make any feature that I want.

I want to get good with the engine SO WELL, That I’m able to comfortably work on any game without having to struggle searching for an answer or running back to the forums to ask for help (Just like my current skill level in Scratch)

I know it takes lots of time and practice, I know Scratch is easier to learn than Godot since it has more than one solution to certain problems, and I know I would probably need paid courses to help me out as well. But if there’s something like a website or YouTube video series that can help grow from an intermediate to Pro or Master at this engine, Then PLEASE post it here.

Areas I’m weak in (As of right now):
Collisions (GDScript Wise)
Polishing up Games/ Visuals (Things like Lighting, Glow, Blur, Particles Etc.)
Functions like Lerp, Tween, Normalize Etc.
Multiplayer (maybe a bit abstract, but I’d need this one)
Saving/Loading Data
And plenty more stuff that an intermediate is probably bad at.

Thanks in Advance :smiley:

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Seems like you’ve asked this before

Make games and teaching others is the best way to learn, check out some game jams like Godot Wild Jam happens pretty often.

Do you have an itch account? Show off your stuff in the Showcase.

Come back to a old game/project, a new look will help identify weak points and progress made. Take a break too, you’ll learn better if you give yourself time to forget.

Curb your expectations a bit:

I want to get good with the engine SO WELL, That I’m able to comfortably work on any game without having to struggle searching for an answer or running back to the forums to ask for help (Just like my current skill level in Scratch)

It’s a big world with a lot of ideas and complications; even the pros search for help daily if not by the minute. One of my favorite features of godot is the built-in docs, I can find help without even leaving the window. You get better when standing on the shoulders of giants, it’s how any of this stuff got here.

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Yes, I’m aware that I’ve made a similar topic discussing this, but this time I wanted to go In-Depth even more. Basically what you Pros did to get to where you are today (I also didn’t know that you guys still search for information when your having trouble too and that teaching others could actually help me too even though I’m not the best for information :grin:)

Like I said here, I’m not looking for something to make me go from Zero to Master Really fast, but just any resources I can use to further Improve my knowledge.

Well, as you already know your weaknesses it shouldn’t be a problem to find something about them in the Godot Docs – master branch — Godot Engine (latest) documentation in English or on YouTube, Google etc.

Build your game. Learn what you need next, not everything at once. You always can come back to improve stuff when you know better.

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So I just learn each concept one by one? I guess that could work, But the think now is what videos, Websites I can use to help me. I could use the docs but I think I’d understand it better if it was in example and I’m shown when and where I can use it

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Well, imho it is always a matter of how you like the teacher and his teaching style, but here are some that I think do a good job and still post new videos, random order:

https://www.youtube.com/@lukky. (the dot is part of the link!)


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I guess I’ll Check out some of them, but for now this topic will probably be left unsolved until I actually find the resources I’ll need to advance and succeed

I don’t know what you expect.

Nothing right now, just want to check their channels first then I’ll try to find more from there

Alright, so I think I know what I want. Basically, any videos or websites that can properly teach me about the concepts I mentioned in the first post. So please put any that you know will be helpful and that are up to date here.

And maybe also some tips and tricks too :slight_smile:

You know what, I feel like the best thing for me to do is look for the knowledge myself and ask questions for seperate topics instead of asking for everything at once, This topic is gonna close now. Thanks for all the help :smiley:


It’s great that you’re eager to improve! I’d recommend checking out some advanced Godot tutorials on YouTube and websites like GDQuest for in-depth guidance on the areas you’re struggling with.

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