Area2d area entered signal

Godot Version

godot 4.2


I am new to godot, so I am still learning a lot. I am currently trying to make a scene where I use a for loop on an array with sub arrays containing x and y coordinates to instance a new set of nodes for each index of the array. My goal was to have each index create an area2D, with a collisionshape2D, and a button. buttons would be disabled accept for the one with the current position x and y coordinates, and on button press the collisionshape (circle) would expand and overlap with other collision shapes. My hope is that I could use area_entered signal on the area2D nodes to trigger the enableing of the buttons. However the way I have it set up right now I am unable to get any signal. I run press button, it expands the radius to overlap the other areas and no signal. When I try using the mouse_entered signal on the area2D it is responsive and gives the correct location of the nodes entered by my mouse. The system scene is just a area2D node.

This is the code

Please be aware that Control nodes (including Buttons) can prevent input event from reaching CollisionShape2D nodes. I suggest to not combine Control nodes with Node2D nodes for input handling.

thank you