Black artifacts on 3D Mesh

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Hey everyone, in my current 3D project, in Godot 4.2.1 Stable, I’m getting black artifacts on my mesh when I’m walking around. Noticing with and without direct light on them. My world env is close to default, with only colour changes and fog added. and I have no directional light. I’ve also tried setting this up on default Godot project with no changes.

Which graphics card model do you have? Which graphics settings do you use in the project settings (is 3D MSAA enabled)?

I’ve a AMD RX 7800.
Project settings are completely default, nothing changed. Enabling MSSA 3D has no effect.

Apologies for reviving this thread. I am encountering the same issue on the same GPU.
I’ve made another post with more information but am reaching out to see if you ever found a solution as this is the only other reference to this issue I can find.

The other post: Dark Specks With Omni Light In Scene

Have found no solution as of yet, still having issues with it.

Fortunately I did actually find a solution. The issue seems to be less with Godot and more with the interaction between Vulkan and the specific graphics card we have. The solution for me was to switch to using DirectX12 on Windows instead. Starting with 4.3 dev 3 the process is pretty easy.

I wrote down how I did it in the comments of this bug report: Black Artifacts With Omni Light Present In Scene · Issue #92406 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

Hope this helps