Button connect parameters dont work

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Okay so I’ve googled for way too long and even tried to get an answer from ChatGPT but literally nothing helps…
I am creating a new button through a script and want to connect the newly instanciated button to a “pressed” function including parameters. When doing so it tells me that either it wants only integers (I have to use strings) or that it is for some reason not callable?
The button itself works, I’ve tried it with a simple print().
Please help me, I am really freaking out because of this.

My code:
extends Control

var itemsLoad = [
func _ready():
for i in itemsLoad.size():
var item := InventoryItem.new()
var itemData = load(itemsLoad[i])
item.init(itemData, itemData.name) # Pass the item name to init()
# Apply the UI theme to the button

#this next line is where it doesnt work

item.connect(“pressed”,self.__on_item_button_pressed, itemData)

func _on_item_button_pressed(itemData):
var itemName = itemData # Get the item name from the item data
%details_name.text = itemName # Update the label with the item name
func _process(delta):

class_name InventoryItem
extends Button
@export var data: ItemData
func init(d: ItemData, bt: String) → void:
data = d
text = bt

func _ready():

You can use Callable and bind for this:

func _ready() -> void:

func _on_my(txt: String):
	print ("foo ", txt)

So in your case I would guess something like this:

item.pressed.connect(Callable(self, "_on_item_button_pressed").bind(itemData))

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Thank you so much!