Cannot make seperated collision shape in one tile for tilemap

Godot Version



What I’m trying to do is give my tile, which is a corridor a collider that lets a player pass through, one way wouldn’t work because I need to be able to go through the other way too, Godot wouldn’t let me apply what I’m trying to do so I’m pretty sure my approach is wrong


Any help that could point me in the right direction would be a great help!

separated collision shape? you mean each shape drawn here will have show different collision named?

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It doesnt have to show a different collision or anything, it just wont let me apply that shape and I think its because theyre “seperate”, basically cant make a corridor where the colliders are only in the walls on the side

is this what you wanted? i dont know what you are looking for, because your picture shows exactly what im showing here

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yes that seems to be it, but I cant apply a shape like that to the tilemap? atleast I know its possible, I just have to figure out whats wrong on my end

you went to the wrong tab

it should be at Select tab, not Paint
i just realized the difference too

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It seems that I can do both in either tab, my main mistake was not using “Add polygon” and I was only using one, and cutting it up using the “Edit points” tool. Thanks for the help!

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