Can't seem to make an opaque water shader that receives light

Godot Version



Have been trying to make a very simple water shader for hours now, and downloaded several that wouldn’t work for what I wanted off the web. I’m trying to get a low-poly, opaque, water shader, which light can be shone onto. Every time I try to do this, either the light doesn’t render at all or it renders wrong. Most often, a section of the light on the shader will just be a solid colour while the rest looks great. The closest I’ve gotten is make it mostly normal but with one large dot of solid colour. I will enclose a screenshot of that here

If you need the shader code to help me please tell me, I have been at this for hours…

Yeah, if you don’t post your shader, nobody can help you. Also what effect do you want to acheive? If you just want Phong reflections or similar the default shader with a texture should work. It seems you’re making a toon-style shader, but is this not what you want?