Catlike Coding's Introduction to Godot Engine 4

I am writing a tutorial series that introduces you to Godot Engine 4.

The series is a work in progress, currently three parts are available.

Part 1: Making a Clock
Making a Clock

Part 2: Programming a Clock
Programming a Clock

Part 3: Many Clocks
Many Clocks


Part 4: Clocks With Rings


Your tutorials made a huge impact on me when I started learning Unity a decade ago. I work professionally in games now, it makes me incredibly happy that you’re still providing high quality resources to another generation of creative people. :heart:

Clocks may not sound that exciting fellow kids, but I promise these tutorials will help you figure out how to make the game you want far better than copying a tutorial for the specific mechanic or thing you’re trying to do right now.


Glad to see catlikecoding tutorials for Godot! Huge fan of Unity tutorials, one of the best, learned a lot back in the days. Thank you!

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Woah, yeah very cool to see! I remember always getting recommended your unity tutorials, so I am very much looking forward to some godot stuff!

Thank you for the effort and work, clear text based tutorials are hard to find nowadays and IMO infinitely more useful than a video.

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Part 5: Migrating to C#

Here we go from GDScript to C#, and also work across languages.

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I started a new tutorial series.

True Top-Down 2D part 1: Tile Map