CharacterBody3D (Sprite) interact with RigidBody3D (Punching)

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.2.stable.mono


Hii! Unfortunately i can’t yet share links or videos about my problem, but i’m going to explain myself at the best!

I’m trying to make my CharacterBody3D interact with a RigidBody3D, i have added a node “Area” to my Character and i think (after pressing the “punch” button) i should check if this Area had made contact with the CollisionShape of my RigidBody, and then apply a kind of force to it

I’m programming in GDscript, does anyone have a clue on how to do it? I have searched everywhere but can’t find anything looking like my problem (sort of strange, i should try and check harder ahaahahah) Thank you in advance!

Start by reading the docs,


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