Choosing a random line from a txt file

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Hi, I found an old forum thread to help me with what I put in the title, I adapted it to Godot 4 and it worked. But when I turned it into a function to activate through a button signal, it gives me an Breakpoint error.

extends Control

func _on_button_pressed():
	var file = "res://list.txt"
	var list =, FileAccess.READ)
	var line_counter = 0 #an integer to count the lines
	while not list.eof_reached(): #this loops through each line until the file end is reached
		line_counter+=1 #as its doing so, before getting the next line, it adds a counter
		list.get_line() #sets the file read cursor to the next line #this is now outside of the former loop. after the loop, reset the cursor position
	var random_last_line = randi() % line_counter # integer generated that is equal to line 0, to a random line counted
	var stored_line = '' #the varialbe that will store the line is an empty string for now
	for i in range(0,random_last_line):
		stored_line = list.get_line() #randomly get a line, which is now set to store_line string variable
	$Label.text = stored_line

It specifically says that the breakpoint happesn with var random_last_line = randi() % line_counter

Hmmm, the code works for me. It print’s the stored line, but no errors.

In my game I created an array (wisdom) and used this to print the dialogue:

$Label.text = (wisdom.pick_random())

I must have changed something without noticing, for some reason it worked fine if I also declared the same variables in _ready().

Also someone on Reddit showed me a much much simpler way to do it, I’ll share it in case someone googles this:

func random_item():    
    var file = "res://list.txt"
    var list =, FileAccess.READ)
    var rng =
    while not list.eof_reached():
        $Label.text = list.get_line()
        if rng.randi() % 10 == 0:
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