Connecting two nodes in two different scenes with a signal

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Here’s a rough overview of the trees in my project

(Enemy01 Scene)

  • Enemy01
    • EnemyClassNodes
    • …some other nodes

(EnemyClassNodes Scene)

  • EnemyClassNodes
    • StateTree
      • IdleState
    • …some other nodes

For context, Enemy01 is a specific enemy and EnemyClassNodes is a bunch of nodes that each enemy should have, including nodes that manage hitboxes, hurtboxes, player detection etc, so each enemy should have them. This is why I have an extraa scene here.

I want to connect a signal from IdleState to a callable in Enemy01. I can’t do this in the editor since the IdleState node is in a separate scene compared to Enemy01. I guess I need to do it via code. The problem is that the new version of the .connect function only seems to be able to connect a signal from IdleState to a callable from IdleState. I’ve tried the following.

(code for Enemy01):

$EnemyClassNodes/State/Root/Idle.connect(“state_phyiscs_processing”, _on_idle_physics)
print($EnemyClassNodes/State/Root/Idle.is_connected(“state_phyiscs_processing”, _on_idle_physics))

I get “false” printed a lot.

Does this code connect the signal with the _on_idle_physics function of IdleState or that of Enemy01? Is there any way I can make this work without having to move both nodes into the same scene or doing some other weird workaround?

Note that I cannot add any code to IdleState directly since that node has its own external script. Let me know if anything needs clarification, thanks. can make use of EventBus autoload,Global%20Event%20Bus,-In%20GoDot%20we

simply do it like this: (AutoLoad)

class_name EventBus 
extends Node

signal send_state(state:bool)

Enemy01 node’s script
at _ready() add
EventBus.send_state.connect(target method)

to emit the signal from idleState node’s script:
EventBus.emit_signal("send_state",true) idleState node’s script
signal send_state(state:bool)

to emit the signal:

Enemy01 node’s script
at _ready() add
$"EnemyClassNodes/StateTree/IdleState".send_state.connect( target method )

Note: code no.2 might not work as expected, because the idleState node might havent be ready when Enemy01 node’s ready

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