contradictory loop of programming errors AKA 'Sript inherent from X so cannot be assigned to Y'

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i’m putting the finishing touches on the tutorial game designed to teach people godot. however, when i try to launch my game, it responds with the error 'Script inherents from native type ‘CanvasLayer’, so it can’t be assigned to an object of type:‘Button’. when i search this issue the suggested soloution is to replace ‘native type’ described with the ‘object of type’ but when i do that, the error repeats but the names are swapped (this is detailed in the images below)

any soloutions would be appreciated as apart from this problem i believe i am finished with programming this game.

Look like you assign your script to the HUD node as well as your StartButton node. Can you verify that any script attach to all your node in your scene is the correct one.

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Many times, people forget to include important details like their scene tree or node properties in the inspector view. It’s important to provide as essential information as possible to ensure clear communication and effective collaboration.

??? i almost understand you but i’m confused. is english your first language? what did you mean by saying this? (sorry for late reply btw)