Creature Taming & "Breeding" (Genetic inheritance based on certain variables)

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I’m trying to make a game that has creature/monster taming and breeding, I have a few aspects I want to have, but I have no idea how to go about it via Code (GDScript is preferable)

I already know this will be a big project and how much work it’s gonna take, but I’m confident in my puzzle-solving abilities. All I need to know is the bare-bones of how to structure this so I can build whatever I need based on that, and where to place certain code within that structure in an organized manner.

This is gonna be a big post, so please quote what you’re responding to.

Creature/Model Variables (callable variables via code)

  1. Spawn in the “overworld” based on Element
    (Water elements spawn in water, etc.)
    While some games have encounters in grass and take you to a separate stage for a battle, I’d like to have this just take place in the main world but have spawns set from a creature’s elemental variable

  2. Elements like Pokemon but with element subsets
    (Light elements bred with Air elements would combine to subset element of Lightning or one of the parent’s/grandparent’s genetic elements to be inherited by the offspring)

  3. Genetically inherit different model parts from parents that can be combined
    (mermaid tail from a Water element and wings from an Air element can either combine with both models on top of the base creature, or one or the other based on the element it inherits from it’s genetic line)
    Basically I’d be sorting parts with variables like Air, Water, etc. and when the creature is called on during a breeding sequence, it would either combine both parts, one or the other, or if available parts from both parents’ grandparents

Here’s a Visual Graphic I made for both 2 & 3:

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Taming sequence
Reminiscent of WolfQuest’s emote wheel
(The AI responds depending on the creature personality and action the player uses nearby any surrounding AI, The AI can get angry and incites a battle, scared and flees, or is finally tamed and joins the player’s party)

This would not take place in a seperate stage or level like a pokemon battle, but the “overworld” where the entire openworld map is

I’ve made another visual graphic below

looks like an interesting project!
so there are:

  • creature with:

    • elemental with sub-elemental
    • age(?)
    • gender type (?)
    • parents’ ids
    • genetic list (provide all genetic element it has)
    • personality list (the higher it’s the more become it be)
    • current state of self (scared, angry, unsure)
    • tamed bool
  • player with:

    • creatures’ id he/she owns
  • game system:

    • taming system: beckon/wistle, approach, vocal comfort, kneel/stand, feed/offer, pet or play
    • breed system: genetic inheritance calculator(?)
    • elemental system: combination
    • read from creature’s genetics list and display unique elemental feature
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how is it going? did you decided to make this project?
and what’s the issues?

Yes! I’m still making this project without a doubt no matter how long it takes me to learn and apply it, it’s been a long-time dream of mine to create, The coding aspect is what always makes it difficult for me. (Specifically how to organize it and what variables or things to use and where) Since I have little to no Coding experience, but I’m bound and determined to see this through!!

Although, today I learned how to apply Shaders to a mesh with already existing code!!

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