Example of handling gamepad triggers (L/R) as input action?

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Hey everyone,
I’m aware that the analog triggers on most game pads are handled as input axes.
Could someone show me an example on how to handle these for a single input action?
E.g. like most first person shooters handle gun firing? Player taps the right trigger and it shoots?

Thanks in advance!

Go to project settings > Input Map and set an input action for both L and R triggers.

Assuming you set an action for the R trigger name “RightShoulder” this is how you’ll use it in your code

func input(event):
   If Input.is_action_just_pressed("RightShoulder"):
        ##Shoot projectile

Thank you, this worked perfectly!

Just adding this info on what I initially did wrong on my end which caused multiple triggers:

  • I read out event instead of Input directly.
  • I used is_action_pressed instead of is_action_just_pressed

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