Godor OpenXR ResourceLoader background loading freezes game on Pico4

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Hello again :slight_smile:
currently working on the scene loading / management of my game.
I am using the default XRToolsStaging node from the godot-xr-tools. When loading my “bigger” main scene the game freezes in the standalone version on my pico 4. The game continues to do something after the scene is loaded.
When testing the pc version everything works just as intended.

I also tried to implement the loading portion by myself using threads but that didnt work either. It seams like i am doing something wrong or missing some settings. Maybe something android specific?

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds very similar to what we were discussing over here. Might want to give that thread a read.

Don’t worry if you’re working in 4.0+. I linked a video with some smokes from a project of mine. The rest of the thread covers 3.5 and some concepts that are version agnostic