GPUParticle scene behaving strangely

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It’s the first time I am working with particles and I came across an issue.

I am currently trying to add a on-death particle effect to my enemies however it seems like effects are not properly happening

I currently have a GPUParticle2D scene which I instantiate and add onto my current scene via an autoload function every time it’s requested.

var death_shader_scene: PackedScene = preload("res://scenes/particles/DeathExplosion/DeathExplosion.tscn")

func death(sprite: Sprite2D, spawn: Vector2) -> void:
	var new_death: DeathExplosion = death_shader_scene.instantiate()
	new_death.initialize(sprite, spawn)

I want to highlight that the scene itself works perfectly fine and without issue in the editor, and does the particle effect I want. The only things needed to adapt it to another sprite is changing a few shader parameters ( sprite, hframes, vframes etc…)
My GPUParticle2D scene has a script attached to it

class_name DeathExplosion
extends GPUParticles2D

@onready var timer: Timer = %Timer

func _ready() -> void:

func initialize(sprite: Sprite2D, spawn: Vector2) -> void:
	print("DeathExplosion instance ready and added: ", self.get_name(), " | POS: ", spawn)

	var sprite_width: float = sprite.texture.get_size().x / sprite.hframes / 2
	var sprite_height: float = sprite.texture.get_size().y / sprite.vframes / 2

	(process_material as ShaderMaterial).set_shader_parameter("emission_box_extents", Vector3(sprite_width, sprite_height, 1))
	(process_material as ShaderMaterial).set_shader_parameter("sprite", sprite.texture)
	(process_material as ShaderMaterial).set_shader_parameter("sprite_hframes", sprite.hframes)
	(process_material as ShaderMaterial).set_shader_parameter("sprite_vframes", sprite.vframes)

	global_position = spawn
	emitting = true
	timer.wait_time = lifetime - 0.1

func _free() -> void:

The scene itselfs appears at the correct coordinates ( I added a color rect to check ) however the particle behavior itself seems extremely inconsistent, most of the time only one will be working, sometimes none will be working etc…

And I am not sure why ( no error or warnings etc… )

Does anyone have any idea why it happens?

Screenshots/Video of the issue

Adding the call onto a 2s timer delay

Image from Gyazo

Nevermind, figured it out myself.

The drawing.visibility_rect has to be set to local_cords: on.
Leaving it here in the case people face the same issue.