Hint_screen_texture with clip children doesnt work

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable.mono.official [b09f793f5]


I’m using this blur shader for the panel node background:

shader_type canvas_item;

uniform float lod: hint_range(0.0, 10.0) = 1.0;
uniform sampler2D SCREEN_TEXTURE: hint_screen_texture, filter_linear_mipmap;

void fragment() {
	vec3 color = texture(SCREEN_TEXTURE, SCREEN_UV, lod).rgb;
	COLOR = vec4(color, 1.0);

For some reason, when I turn on Clip Children (Clip + Draw) in Panel, both Panel and ColorRect with the shader become invisible. I found that they become invisible when using SCREEN_TEXTURE, or rather hint_screen_texture.

Try “Clip Contents” in the Control portion of your Panel instead of Clip Children. Despite the similar names, they don’t behave the same way.

It works, but it doesn’t suit me. I need a clipping with rounded corners from the Panel.

The clipping behavior of the panel is implemented as a shader of its own, and uses the back-buffer you need for your blur pass. See the Back-buffer Logic explanation for info.

There are some limited ways to run sequential back buffer operations (i.e. the BackBufferCopy node), but not (as far as I know) cascade them in the way you’d need for this use case.

You can probably achieve this by combining the blur effect and rounded corners into a single shader, but that’s obviously easier said than done and may still not fully solve the problem.

Hopefully someone has a clever workaround.

Having already decided to add rounded corners to my shader, I accidentally discovered that I could apply a shader not to TextureRect, but to an additional Panel and it worked! A fairly simple workaround.

Just create a second Panel and add a rounded corner style to it, and then apply a shader to it.

Nice! How is the overall working structure set up? Nested panels or siblings?

I’ve left them nested so far, but maybe I’ll make them siblings, I haven’t decided yet. You can turn on Clip Children at the blur panel and it will work, the main thing is that there are no nested blurs. I made a special node responsible for blurring and for the panel in my game.

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(Unfortunately, I can’t attach two images in one message)
Here’s what the result looks like:

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