How do I add a shader to a TextureProgressBar's texture_progress?

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I’m trying to make a health bar using a textureprogressbar. I have a shader that fades out the right side of the material so it transitions smoothly. My issue is I don’t know how to only apply it to the Progress texture of the textureprogressbar instead of the material for the whole object.

Any advice?

You can create a unique material for it inside the inspector when clicking right next to the Material on the drop-down button. If you have several Materials like this you can also set the Material to „Local to Scene“ in the inspector.

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In the node itsself? When I do that the shader affects the entire element, progress,overlay,and under texture. How do I make it just affect the progress texture?

It would be easier to create a custom Control that has the same functionality as a ProgressBar and do everything yourself.

If you want to go low level you could also use a ProgressBar and create a custom StyleBox class that uses the RenderingServer directly to draw a new canvas item with the Material you want.


class_name StyleBoxShader extends StyleBox

@export var material:Material
@export var texture:Texture2D

# the canvas item we are going to use
var canvas_item_rid:RID

func _init() -> void:
	# create the canvas item
	canvas_item_rid = RenderingServer.canvas_item_create()

func _notification(what: int) -> void:
		# don't forget to free it

func _draw(to_canvas_item: RID, rect: Rect2) -> void:
	# clear the canvas item
	# set its parent to the canvas item from the object we want to draw
	# this will inherit transform, modulation and visibility from it
	RenderingServer.canvas_item_set_parent(canvas_item_rid, to_canvas_item)
	# set our material to the canvas item
	RenderingServer.canvas_item_set_material(canvas_item_rid, material.get_rid())
	if is_instance_valid(texture):
		# if texture is valid, use it
		RenderingServer.canvas_item_add_texture_rect(canvas_item_rid, rect, texture.get_rid())
		# if texture is not valid, draw a white rectangle
		RenderingServer.canvas_item_add_rect(canvas_item_rid, rect, Color.WHITE)

func _get_draw_rect(rect: Rect2) -> Rect2:
	return rect

func _get_minimum_size() -> Vector2:
	return Vector2.ZERO


(I enabled CanvasItem.clip_children in the ProgressBar to get the rounded corners)

This “trick” could also work with a custom Texture2D but the TextureProgressBar class uses the RenderingServer directly when drawing the textures using nine patch so the Texture2D._draw*() callbacks are never called.