How to apply physics to characters?

v4.1.3.stable.official [f06b6836a]

This is a refresher question for object injection into character bodies. This one currently only relates to the camera example. So I got a script to simply $bgg.apply_torque_impulse(Vector3(0, 0, 0.1))

I got two different results from the Node Tree.
This will cause the camera to turn and follow.

Or, this will cause the object to go outside of the camera bounds and the camera never follows. Basically the RigidBody3D just falls away.

I need it to be normal obviously. I just want the camera to hover above and follow it’s leads. There’s no complicated turning or pivoting right now.

You can use a RemoteTransform and uncheck “update rotation”, The ball will roll if you haven’t locked any axis

The first part of this video builds a character controller and also incorporates a camera that follows and can rotate around and pivot up and down. His code was very simple, clean and easy to follow.

I can’t seem to get any results from that. Tried applying it to the main node, rigid node and the marker the camera is stuck too. Am I using it wrong?

I swear it’s the only problem I got for this Program. Just in case anyone is wondering the entire book of Evolution and Relation to Gravity is about no matter how small the mirror is. The dinosaur will see the reflection of the world the same. Because the light bends all the time.

RemoteTransform could go on the RigidBody3D as a child, then it’s target set to the Marker3D. Uncheck “update rotation”

to be honest I was trying to upload this project
which reminded me of the problem I was having on the other topic. I was supposed change the rotation_edit_mode in the transform properties. I just don’t remember the documentation it referenced. Because I seem to have that problem solved before.

because it don’t work.

just for the record. I’m trying to experiment with just one Rigid Body.
I understand as before. Making two similar bodies. Or, making two similar bodies children of a collision mesh will usually generate the desired results.

A screen shot of the Scene tree would be more helpful to figure out how you are using RemoteTransform

At 48:00 on the video is where he separates the camera from the character. Then he writes a simple code to have it follow the player. Then he builds the controller after that to rotate them around and pivot up/down.

Like you said. For what you got. You got trust issues?

Does it help. That this scene is an instance in the scene for the floor or “level”.

Thank you, that’s not what I wanted. I guess I do have trust issues, or it’s a complex topic that’s hard to explain.

Try it like this: Where the marker and Camera3D are not children of the RigidBody3D


Oh, ok. Now it’s better. I added some more refreshing test script. Thanks. I can see the use for that. Of course this isn’t without casualty. Because now for some reason the floor’s reflection is really lagging behind. Somehow it’s like 180 frames behind. It’s a orthogonal camera viewport to match the size of the floor. Is that wrong. Because it does what it’s supposed to.

if i change the camera angle.

It only follows me right and left. And, stays in the middle. It’s starting to make logical sense. Like the Alexa mirror. It follows the camera angle. So I guess orthogonal is 100% out of clue.