How to get and set tile flip_h flip_v

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


Getting flip_h flip_v

  • I create a TileMap.
  • On coords (0,0) of layer 0, I add a tile with horizontal flip.
  • In 2d editor, tile appears horizontally flipped
  • I add a script on the TileMap
  • In the _ready method, I do
var tile_data:TileData=get_cell_tile_data(0,Vector2i(0,0))

But it says the flip_h is false. What did I miss ?

Setting flip_h flip_v in the context of an import plugin

In this import, I create a TileMap (Resource) which displays just fine when added in a scene, except for flipped tiles. set_flip_h / set_flip_v or directly set matching property on TileData of a cell does nothing. Again, what am I missing ?

Thank you.