How to make enemy flip in x axis depending on where it spawns

HELP…My enemy sprite is a character facing to the right, spawning from random places in the viewport.

I need my sprite to flip towards the left when it spawns anywhere in the right half of the viewport.

This is how it looks in the 2D window

This is the script I’m using for the enemies

func _on_enemy_timer_timeout():
	var enemy = enemy_scene.instantiate()
	var enemy_spawn = get_node("EnemyPath/EnemySpawn")
	enemy_spawn.progress_ratio = randf()
	var direction = enemy_spawn.rotation + PI / 2
	enemy.position = enemy_spawn.position
	direction += randf_range(-PI / 4, PI / 4)
	enemy.rotation = 0
	var velocity = Vector2(randf_range(150.0, 250.0), 0.0)
	enemy.linear_velocity = velocity.rotated(direction)

Sorry for the broken English. D:
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