How to passthrough Mouse to Desktop?

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I have the basic get_viewport().transparent_bg = true

Though I am hung up trying to just pass all clicks. This way a user can still use their desktop and the pet at the same time. It’s a slime ball pet that walks along your taskbar , eats foods and does other things.

no firsthand experience with this but this topic might help

I had seen that but I don’t use c sharp. I only have gdscript. I do appreciate the suggestion though.

Well after even more looking around it seems the desktop passthrough was a “bug” in version 3. So I doubt they will bring it back again anytime soon.

what platforms are you developing for? windows only?

Hey. Yea, I am only on Windows. I don’t see me going off into mac or linux in any near future as I am having a time just learning as is.

I been doing smaller projects… like tiny. music player, old school aol chat bot, and now the slime ball pet thing. I started with too big a scope when i first was doing ideas.

the c# by @KitzuGG 's i tested it and it works. You can add it to your project, as far as i can tell that is your best option.

So if interested, here is how to get started.



in the create script, for language select “c#.” Name the file “MyWindowClickThrough.cs”

Why? For Godot to “see” the c# class, the name of the class and the file name must match. So if the class name is MyWindowClickThrough then the file name must be MyWindowClickThrough.cs


Now attach the script to a Node2D.


From Project > Tools > C# > choose Create C# solution.

If your c# source code stops working, repeat the step above.


copypaste the code below into MyWindowClickThrough.cs

public partial class MyWindowClickThrough:Godot.Node2D {
	public static extern System.IntPtr GetActiveWindow();
	private static extern int SetWindowLong(System.IntPtr hWnd, int nIndex, uint dwNewLong);
	private const int k_gwlExStyle = -20;
	private const uint k_wsExLayered = 0x00080000;
	private const uint k_wsExTransparent = 0x00000020;
	private System.IntPtr m_handle;
	public override void _Ready() {
		m_handle = GetActiveWindow();
		SetWindowLong(m_handle, k_gwlExStyle, k_wsExLayered | k_wsExTransparent);
		Godot.GD.Print("Hello, world!");
	public void SetClickThrough(bool a_click_through) {
		if(a_click_through) {
			SetWindowLong(m_handle, k_gwlExStyle, k_wsExLayered | k_wsExTransparent);
		else {
			SetWindowLong(m_handle, k_gwlExStyle, k_wsExLayered);

When you run your project, in the console you should see “Hello, world!” and your ENTIRE project window should be click-through.

If you get it working and you are interested, I can follow up and add basic configuration options. Such as the ability to toggle click through.


Hey again. Thank you, I do appreciate all the effort but as I said earlier I don’t use c sharp as I already struggle with gdscript. I believe it’s called Mono build for Godot. Though I did make sure by checking my build of 4.2.2 standard and it does not include create c solution or the create a c sharp script.

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